Build, Manage & Host database driven websites.

Enjoy access to your source code inside an innovative and easy to use content management system.

Create a new webpage using existing and new code widgets.

Create a new code widget using HTML / CSS / JS / LESS / PHP / MySQL. Interact in the preview panel, and monitor your changes in real time.

Set themes, favicons, and other global webpage and system settings.

Create, upload, and modify files and media available to use on your websites.

Interact with Code Widget thumbnails. Browse with keyword and label search. Edit, add, delete, and categorize your Code Widgets and their meta data.

Browse and edit all the webpages that make up your websites.

Use phpMyAdmin to manage your included MySQL database.

Quickly edit your text, links, and images without opening a code editor and editing source code.

Access to 3,000 HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, & MySQL code snippits ready to drag and drop into your websites. Enjoy full access to their source code as you customize them to your needs.

Draw any layout concievable with our "Layut Creator" then position your code widgets exactly where you want them.

Use our wysiwyg "easy edit" tool to swap out text, images, and links for whatever widgets you create with your code editor.

Be backend ready! Upload .php files via file manager, or write PHP code with your code editor. Link your PHP with MySQL to create powerful backend websites. Every account comes with phpMyAdmin access allowing you the flexibility you need to create a database driven site.

With our live chat and ticket system, we're here and ready to help as questions and needs arrive. Advanced support options are available, when you're having trouble with your code.

Manage multiple pages over multiple domains. Easily update pages for SEO and add shared and linked resources.

In addition to, you're able to build and host on unused domains that you own. This is optional and you can always add more domains later.

Your card will not be charged until after your 30 day trial. Afterward, you'll enjoy blazing fast hosting with the datanity basic plan for only $5/month.